Direct Mail with Results and FREE suppress and trace service on your data!

The benefits of data hygiene have long been promoted by marketing associations, business schools and data specialists and yet every year in the UK almost 60 million pieces of direct mail are still mistargeted – sent multiple times, sent to people that have moved or to people that have passed away. This is not only expensive, costing UK businesses £1 billion per year in wasted marketing costs and brand damage, but it is also irrevocably eroding the reputation of an industry that contributes over £10 billion each year to the economy and is proven to be an extremely effective and cost efficient form of marketing.


Our initial suppress and trace service to ensure your data is clean is entirely free if a direct mail campaign is commissioned with us. Remember, this free service ensures an efficient campaign where the direct mail is only going to live, real individuals.


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Our in-house direct mail solutions start way before the Postman arrives! We can work on your database to avoid duplicate mailings, ensure that the address are correct and provide you with dedicated mail shot leads and advise you on ways to save money on packaging and postage. Services include personalisation of letters and insertion into envelopes, mailing of leaflets, brochures, postcards, magazines and catalogues. If you have any mailing requirements please call us for further details.

Our investment in direct mail technology along with our many years of expertise means that our clients can be confident in getting the best possible service with the reassurance of using a market leader to get your mailings out in time.

“Thanks as usual for your excellent service” 

Local Charity

Direct Mail

- Mono and colour personalisation,

- C6 to C4 envelope printing and inserting,

- polybagging (for brochures and magazines),

- tabbing,

- one-piece mailers,

- hand enclosing.

A quick case study....

A national charity request a solution to their fundraising mailing and how to get the best return on the money spent. Direct Solutions came up with several ideas that would make the best use of the information that they held on their supporters, changed the tone of the mailing, making it more personalised and making it easier to understand the needs of the charity and how any donation was used. 

Due to these changes the average donation increased. Along with this supporters understood how the charity helped its service users.

Flexibility in Storage

Our motto is 'Keep Communicating, and for our clients that often means relying on us to print and store large quantities of direct mail and marketing material for year-round distribution.Our purpose built storage facility ensures that your material is carefully packaged and stored to stay clean, dry and easily accessible whenever you need it.

This can include anything from company stationery, leaflets, brochures, and catalogues. 

In addition to this service we also offer a full ‘pick and pack’ service. You, the client supplies the products and we store and distribute these as and when required, the distribution can be either as a bulk delivery or as individual items.

Convenience is Key

- Product distribution,

- subscription mailing,

- on-line sales fulfilment,

- event and product launch fulfilment.

A quick case study....

Continued growth for any company is the key to success and this is just what this national travel company wanted, however they needed a solution that enabled them to keep communicating with their customers. 

We offered them a solution, they supplied various brochures to keep in stock and when required we were to post these to existing and new customers. The result of this method was that they did not need a large warehouse or storage facility, they just sent us the information and we did the rest

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