Becoming More Environmentally Friendly


Tuesday 19th June 2018



All waste paper, plastic and card is collected for recycling every week. We continually invest in the very best machinery to reduce print errors and save energy.

All of our paper is FSC compliant and sourced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials. To continue our eco-friendly journey, we now offer two different options to protect and wrap your products.



• The wrapping can be broken down with other waste into organic matter that works with the natural environment 

• Made from raw, organic materials 

• Helps to protect wildlife and natural habitats 

• Able to biodegrade in landfill



• Recycled plastic means less new plastic - which is only a good thing 

• The material can be broken down and made into something new 

• Less damage to the natural world (reduced pollution, energy-saving) 

• Reduces landfill waste

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Top 5 Mailing Houses in the UK

Friday 15th June 2018



We are delighted to announce that further to a recent report by Plimsoll, we are in the top 5 mailing houses in the UK - not only for financial performance but also for year on year growth.


The report confirms that the investments we are making for the benefit of our customers are reflected in the overall standing of the company in the Direct Mail marketplace.The data shows that we have the best long-term interest in mind for not only our customers - but also for our team.


The Plimsoll Analysis has been used by directors and senior decision makers for almost three decades to give them the intelligence they need to make sense of the markets they operate in - well done Direct Solutions!

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Members of The Strategic Mailing Partnership


Tuesday 12th June 2018



Sponsored by Royal Mail Wholesale, and supported by the whole of Royal Mail the SMP aims to raise standards in the mailing industry.

The partnership promotes better mail for all; from the senders and receivers, but more importantly, the manufacturers and mailing agents operating behind the scenes.

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