Why do I need a professionally designed website for my business?

Does your current online presence give the impression you want to give to prospective customers? Do you want your website to engage your customers so they want to come back again and again?


Did you know that, generally speaking, you have less than 10 seconds to make a first impression when someone is visiting your website? If your website is poorly designed, there is a great chance that a potential customer will navigate away from your website immediately and never return. They will simply go to one of your competitors whose website may please them in a visual and engaging way.


For many people, a visit to your website will be the first point of contact with your business. If you want them to continue visiting your site (and your business for that matter), it has to look professional, work to a strategy and contain the proper conversion tools to generate interest. It also needs to be kept up to date, for the visitor AND for Google too!

Is a mobile friendly website important?

There are 1 billion smart phone users, 1/5th never use internet using anything else. 95% of mobile users search local information. 61% will call a business after performing a search. Mobile is with them all of the time. They have no patience to wait for a big site to load. You’re catering specifically for mobiles so Google love them!

Google now insist on websites being mobile friendly and will be excluding them from Google searches on mobile phones if they are not. 

Our mobile websites load fast, serve the most important information first and provide an instant “click to call” function.

A quick case study....

Heatsafe Installations,a local fireplace installer required a professional website to showcase their fireplace and logburner installation services. The resultant site is fully mobile phone friendly and has seen a marked increase in visitors over time but more importantly, a marked increase in enquiries and therefore sales.

This installer now has a concession in a large, well known furniture store. This is attributed partly to their online corporate ID being one that the prestigious furniture store are happy to be associated with.

This client now has now commissioned us to build an online shop for log burners. Their expansion being contributed directly to their professional online presence.

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